Understanding Form, Proportions and Color
Human beings are one of the most popular and fun subjects in art, but as artists we sometimes struggle with faces. Our faces are a collection of complex forms and capturing the correct proportions and relationship of those forms can be challenging and make or break the drawing. It’s especially important since when looking at art, human eye is first drawn to the face and then people scan the rest of the painting or drawing.
In this class we will look closely at these forms, and learn the techniques for quickly and correctly capturing them in quick sketches. I will be using water soluble pencils, pen and ink and watercolor for my demonstrations, but you can start practicing and applying the info from this class even with just a pencil and some sketch paper.  These principles are my check list for fast figure sketches, but they are also applicable when working on longer and more detailed pieces, like portraits. I will also reveal several secrets that will help you to make your figurative sketches and portraits more expressive, dynamic and appealing to viewers.
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