About this class: Even if you work in traditional media like watercolor, oils or acrylics – like I do, developing the initial study for your artwork is much faster and easier if you are using a digital tool like the Procreate app for iPad. Even though I will give you a detailed instruction on how to use Procreate, the app itself is not the main focus of this class. We will be learning how to plan your future painting without the hassle of printed photos, sketch books and tracing paper.
In this class I will explain step-by-step my digital sketching process from creating the initial concept to help me figure out the composition to further developing tonal relationships in my piece and then selecting our colors and painting reference sketch in color.
You can then watch me paint the artwork with acrylics on illustration board. At the end of the class I provide one more demonstration of the whole digital and physical process for a watercolor on paper landscape painting.
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